About the company

«Misto dlya lyudei» (City for people) is fast-growing group of companies that provides a wide range of services in management and maintenance of real estate (residential, non-residential), consulting and support in condominium creation, promotion and implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency projects.

«Misto dlya lyudei» is a part of international group CIVINITY that has been engaged in the management and operation of real estate for almost 25 years. The group operates in 5 countries in Eastern Europe. More information about CIVINITY group of companies can be found at www.civinity.eu

«Misto dlya lyudei» has been operating in Ukraine since 2015. Currently, group’s subsidiaries work in Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Mariupol, Kremenchuk and Melitopol:

From 2014, the «Українська житлова компанія» company serves 12 buildings with an area of 0.250 million square meters in Kiev(residential and non-residential premises);
LLC “Misto dlya lyudei Kiev” (until 2016 LLC “Dobrobut”) – since 2014 serves 8 buildings (0.130 mln sq.m) in Kiev;
LLC “Misto dlya lyudei Kremenchuk” (until 2016 LLC “Dobrobut”) – since 2008 serves 425 residential buildings (0.950 mln sq.m ) in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava region. www.mdl-kremenchug.com.ua 
LLC “City for people of Zaporozhye” starting from November 1, 2017 (according to the decision of the executive committee of the city council №520 dated 01.09.2017) serves residential buildings in the Oleksandrivsky and Southern districts on the Left Bank, as well as part of the Dnieper and Khortytsky districts of the Right Bank of Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhya region – 1140 houses (3.5 mln sq.m). www.mdl.zp.ua
LLC “City for people of Mariupol” LLC – starting December 1, 2017 (according to the decision of the executive committee of the city council № 184 from 09/26/2017), serves residential buildings in the Primorsky and Kalmius districts of Mariupol, Donetsk region – 1036 houses (2.365 mln sq.m). www.mdl-mariupol.com.ua
LLC “City for people Service” – starting February 6, 2018 serves 180 residential buildings (0,570 mln sq.m) in Melitopol, Zhaporizhzhya region. The company acts as a contractor to Zhitlomasiv («Житломасив»).
LLC “City for people Energo” holds license to produce and distribute thermal energy for maintained buildings needs.
International group CIVINITY provides full-scale support to its subsidiary «Misto dlya lyudei» including knowledge/know-how sharing and financial support to some projects.