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Company “Місто для людей Маріуполь” starting December 1 begins to service the housing stock of the city of Mariupol

According to the reform of housing and communal services, which is held in Ukraine in the city of Mariupol held a competition for the selection of managers in the apartment buildings of the city. According to its results 62.6 percent of the housing stock of Mariupol will be serviced by the “City for People of Mariupol” company, which is part of the “City for People” group of companies.

The first Customer Service Center of the LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya” was opened in Khortitsky district

Comfort, convenience, openness – the main principles of the Customer Service Center LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya”, which opened on the avenue Jubilee, 30.

The company “MDL Zaporozhye” won the competition for servicing houses in the city

The company “MDL Zaporizhzhya” was determined as the winner of the contest for the manager of apartment buildings for two lots and, according to the decision of the city council executive committee, will serve apartment buildings in the Alexandrovsky and Southern microdistricts, the Right-bank part of Dnipropetrovsk and Khortitsky districts – a total of 1140 houses with a total area of 3.5 million meters.

The local Housing Management Company has joined the Civinity group

The international group of companies “Civinity”, which operates in the field of real estate management in the Baltic States and Belarus, expands to the Ukrainian market.