Company “Місто для людей Маріуполь” starting December 1 begins to service the housing stock of the city of Mariupol

Company “Місто для людей Маріуполь” starting December 1 begins to service the housing stock of the city of Mariupol

According to the reform of housing and communal services, which is held in Ukraine in the city of Mariupol held a competition for the selection of managers in the apartment buildings of the city. According to its results 62.6 percent of the housing stock of Mariupol will be serviced by the “City for People of Mariupol” company, which is part of the “City for People” group of companies.

According to the decision of the Executive Committee No. 184 dated September 26, 2017, the City for People of Mariupol company will start servicing 1036 houses with an area of 2.365 million square meters starting from December 1, 2017. meters in the central, Primoryk and Kalmius districts of the city of Mariupol. The average tariff is: for buildings without elevators – 3.76 UAH / 1 sq. M, with elevators – 4.50 UAH / 1 sq. M.

On November 2, 2017, the Deputy Mayor Mikhail Kogut and representatives of the company City for People of Mariupol told at a press conference on what principles the company’s work in the city will be built.

Mikhail Kogut said that the company “City for people of Mariupol” – became one of the key players who won the competition on the buildings that were previously on the balance of the spacecraft “West”, “Primorskaya”, “Kalmius” and “Residential-center”. – “We hope that the result of the contest will be a qualitatively new housing maintenance service – much better than the services provided by the HCS of the city to this.

“Our group is a leader in renovations and we want to transfer our experience to Mariupol. Our company has a high corporate culture. We are responsible to our clients, and this is every citizen who pays us for the service he will receive, and not just utility payments, “said Mindaugas Kozakevichus, a country manager at Civinity.

Director of the City for People Mariupol company Ivan Ftits said that “today the company plans to invest up to 20 million USD in Mariupol. The number of personnel will be 500-600 people with a payment fund of up to 3.5 million UAH per month. The necessary equipment for the city will be purchased, modern customer service centers will be opened. “

“The company should annually show the results of work in Mariupol. We hope that the culture of maintenance of housing and communal services will be higher. “- said the deputy mayor at the end of the press conference.