The first Customer Service Center of the LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya” was opened in Khortitsky district
Центру обслуговування клієнтів ТОВ «Місто для людей Запоріжжя»

The first Customer Service Center of the LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya” was opened in Khortitsky district

Comfort, convenience, openness – the main principles of the Customer Service Center LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya”, which opened on the avenue Jubilee, 30.

The main task that we set for ourselves is the openness and transparency of our work, “said Evgeniy Derkach, director of the Misto for People of Zaporizhzhya LLC. – We create for our clients the most convenient conditions for obtaining the necessary information and assistance. Now they do not have to wait in reception rooms, write letters and wait forever for answers, because at the Customer Service Center they will be able to get here and now all the necessary information about tariffs, actual performance of work, plans, and also apply for work. The person will receive the answer immediately, or if the application requires further study, the manager will set the date and time when it will be possible to come and receive an answer, or he will be contacted by phone or sent a response to the e-mail address.

“We are sure that people will see and feel the quality of service and the quality of services that the company” City for people of Zaporizhzhya “will provide them every day. The main principle of our work is that people should receive a quality service for the money they pay. We see the situation and understand that earlier consumers perceived payment of utility services as a tax, but we believe that tenants should see that this is a service that they actually turn out to be, and understand what they are paying for. In addition, not only the service should be of high quality, but also customer service itself, that’s why from the first day of service by the company of the housing stock of Zaporizhzhya, the Customer Service Center began to operate”.

As Natalya Ivanova, the head of the subscription service of “Misto for People of Zaporizhzhya” Ltd., said, this center is intended for all customers whose homes are in the service of the enterprise. At the entrance of the visitors meets the manager, who will help to register in the electronic queue, determine the question and to which specialist should be contacted. Registration in the electronic queue contributes to the fact that specialists will serve a person as quickly and qualitatively as possible on the provision of information on their personal accounts, on the tariff, tariff structure, etc. Specialists of the Center can also leave an application for current repairs to their address or register an emergency situation, which will be immediately transferred to the dispatcher for the departure of the repair team and liquidation of the problem.

Opening hours are determined, first of all, for the convenience of subscribers, therefore the Customer Service Center will work from 9 to 20 hours.

Residents of the Aleksandrovsky district and the Southern microdistrict can apply both to the Customer Service Center along Yubileynoy Avenue, 30, and to the department of appeals of the LLC “Misto for the people of Zaporizhzhya” at 131B Pobedy Street.

In the near future, it is planned to open a similar customer service center in a place accessible to residents of the left-bank part of the city.

Recall, from November 1, leave the application can be on the hotline – (061) 707-67-00, (067) 400-10-08.